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Autumn Migration Well Under Way...

Autumn Migration Well Under Way...


Autumn is the season for many birds born in England to fly the country; and the many moves of animals to and from the Park need just a little bit of help from us! It is the busiest time of year, now the numbers of visitors are lower and the children have gone back to school.

Some interesting moves are planned or just done, are - Wattled Plovers will soon be moving to Birdland, who sent us a new Seriama; and to Bird Gardens Scotland, along with some Hamerton born Scarlet Ibis. Two-toed Sloths have already gone to Vesprem in Hungary and the the Tropical Butterfly House at North Anston, at the request of the European Studbook; and two new Sloths will soon arrive from Dortmund in Germany and Usti-nad-Laben in the Czech Republic. Pudu are moving to Budapest, and to Doue-la-Fontaine in France; a Parma Wallaby to the Cotswold Wildlife Park, and a Brush-tailed Possum to the Berkshire College of Agriculture. Female Rufous Bettongs born at Hamerton this summer will soon be off to Jihlava and Brno, in the Czech Republic and a female Ground Cuscus is due to come back from Jihlava; and English Grey Partridges will go to Plzen also in CZ. Victoria Crowned Pigeons will soon go to Rhenen in Holland and come to Hamerton from Beauval in France.

A couple of other moves are being planned for later in the autumn, including several species of Australian fresh-water fish for our new Aquarium, and two more Poitou Donkey jennies to come from private breeders in France. More details will be posted as soon as we have them.