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'Coals to Newcastle'...

'Coals to Newcastle'...


Animal moves to and from the Park involve other zoos all over the World, as we have a wide network of friends and contacts in many countries.

In the past few weeks two young Javan Binturongs born at Hamerton have been sent to Ventura Wildlife Park here in England, making room for the most recent litter of babies born in late spring.

Yesterday two Corsac Fox puppies left for zoos in Halle in Germany and Brno in the Czech Republic, both to make up new breeding pairs in those zoos. The pup going to Halle is especially interesting as this brings us full circle, as the very first Corsac Foxes to be seen in the UK were imported to Hamerton from Halle over a decade ago. Most of the animnals now seen, both in this country and on mainland Europe, are descended from animals we bred over this period.

Another important departure being arranged now, is the move of three young female Rufous Bettongs born at Hamerton this spring to Jihlava and Brno to pair up with the males we sent last year. We hope that this should help the establishment of the species in European zoos following our receipt of the founding animals from Queensland last year.