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!..Donate Please..!


It costs an average of £4000 per day to run the Park.

All of this money comes from our visitors.

Now we are closed, this has stopped completely.

If you are able to help our work and our animals, please donate.
You can use PayPal to donate at:

or, pay direct into our Lloyds Bank account:
Sort code = 30.94.47
Account number = 5080 5060

Donations can be made by credit/debit card. Please use the 'Donations' page in our on-line 'Shop' on the top tool-bar.

We are also able to use almost all types of fresh produce, and would welcome any you might have spare.

Please get in touch using the form with details of what you have, either via Facebook, or click here to be taken to the form on our 'Contact Us' page, here on the website.

Our animals need help from our visitors at this difficult time. Our staff and regular volunteers all fit and fine, and are busy with their jobs, and their animals; which are enjoying the lovely weather.

Our spring babies are starting to be born. In addition to the latest Mini Donkey foal, Dingo puppies and Wombat joey, we have young Scarlet Ibis in the first nest and our pair of Barking Owls (perhaps the only ones outside Australia), are aggressively defending their nest with an (as yet!) unknown number of eggs...

All is quite normal for our animals!