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Electricity Generation...

Electricity Generation...


A milestone has just passed at Hamerton Zoo Park where our two Endurance wind turbines have this week tallied up the generation of 3 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

Along with our arrays of solar-pv, biomass boilers and air-source heat pumps, we are doing all we can, and are now in generation terms a net contributor. It is unfortunate that the systems set up by the Government force us to sell the extra power we generate (and don't use at the time), back to the National Grid for around one seventh of the cost we must pay when we buy it back. This profit, made at our expense and at that of the consumer, presumably goes direct to the power companies.

Our two Endurance turbines have proved very reliable and have produced exactly what they were expected to. It is a great shame that the Conservative Government changed the planning laws to effectively ban on-shore wind, and as a result Huntingdon District Council refused our application for a second pair of turbines.

We could be doing twice as much!

The consumer pays again in the end for Conservative policy, as off-shore wind costs four times as much to produce as on-shore wind - but of course in a democracy the public gets what is votes for, sometimes at least!