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Park Temporarily Closed to the Public...


Following Government instructions issued today, Hamerton Zoo Park is temporarily closed to the public, commencing tomorrow 24th March 2020. This is required now, because the public have been ordered to stay at home.

We would like to thank all our visitors in recent days, who showed great respect for Government advice. Quite contrary to the behaviour documented by the media at recent seaside and tourist resorts, our visitors remained diligent at all times, respected all advice and guidance, and allowed us to be perhaps the last zoo to be forced to close in the UK.

This situation is indeed very serious and now the Government has acted, we have followed the requirements immediately. At no point has any advice or instruction been received on the position of zoos.

In the coming weeks we pray that our staff remain fit and well, and are allowed to travel to work without restrictions, along with our daily need for supplies, deliveries and services - so that our high standards of animal care remain in place.

Huge investment has been made in our animal facilities in the last few years, leading to the successes detailed in the news reports below. So we also pray that the financial help being offered by the Government to other 'businesses', is not with-held from zoos.