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A Fishy Business...

A Fishy Business...


The new aquaria in our re-vamped Coffee-Shop have just welcomed their intended inhabitants.

These tanks were established last year and are maturing nicely, with their plants slowly becoming established. For the past couple of months they have been home to some domestic goldfish on holiday from Maidenhead Aquatics in Huntingdon. Sam and Ben were here to un-pack the new arrivals, and have been instrumental in this project which would not have progressed without their help and continuing advice.

Our most important arrivals are a group of Australian Lungfish - babies, born to a major conservation project in Queensland. This unique and ancient fish is under increasing pressure from development and hydro-electric projects. Other tanks hold shoals of Delicate Blue-eyes, North-west Glassfish; Blyth River, Chequered and Ornate Rainbowfish; Primitive Archer-fish, Hyrtl's Tandans and Obbe's Catfish and the giant Barramundi.

Most of the fish are visible from a distance, but are screened to keep disturbance minimised as some of them are quite shy.