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Stripy Snakes & Speedy Lizards...

Stripy Snakes & Speedy Lizards...


Historically, reptiles have never formed an important part of the animal collection at Hamerton. Apart from our Tortoises, they all arrived as unwanted pets or disposals from zoos. Over the next yea...[more]

World Binturong Day

World Binturong Day


The Binturong or Bear-Cat is a strange animal from South-East Asia. It is a member of a family of carnivores called the Civets, which are partway between Dogs and Cats. Even odder, the Binturong is ...[more]

The Bird that thinks it's a Crocodile...

The Bird that thinks it's a Crocodile...


New arrivals at Hamerton Zoo Park are two pairs of Australian Scrub Turkeys. One pair is now on display sharing its aviary with Long-nosed Potoroos, tiny Kangaroos only the size of a rabbit - ...[more]

Renovation Works for New Arrivals...

Renovation Works for New Arrivals...


During the bad weather in March, new Cranes arrived from a specialist breeding facility in The Netherlands. Female Grey-necked Crowned and the rarely seen Wattled Crane, will form new p...[more]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter


A Happy Easter to all our friends, visitors and supporters - from everyone at the Park. As it is not just about chocolate eggs this holiday - whatever your religion, lets all pray that eventually<...[more]

Koda Creative...

Koda Creative...


We are pleased to welcome back our friends Jason and the team from Koda Creative, for some more themed work at the Park. Please be advised that there might be a little disruption around the en...[more]

New Arrivals...

New Arrivals...


The weather in the UK has made the news over the last couple of weeks, but thankfully our area was saved the worst. A few very cold nights with temperatures down to -8 C were combined with a bitter wi...[more]

Plans Rejected..


Our long-term plans for new facilities at the Park have been rejected by Huntingdonshire District Councils planning officer. This is because she is of the opinion that because our entrance and shops ...[more]

More Winter Weather...


After the weather forecasters again failed to predict the intensity of last nights storms, we have had a few concerned calls this morning regarding this. There does appear to have been some structura...[more]

Winter Weather...


Our play area is closed from today for the winter, hopefully re-opening for the February half-term or Easter holidays. Relatively mild, but wet, winters seem to be the 'norm' these days - due of co...[more]

Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings


Another festive season is upon us and all of the staff and volunteers at the park would like to extend the warmest of wishes to all our friends and supporters, for Christmas and the New Year. 2018 wil...[more]

Beaucoup d'Anes...

Beaucoup d'Anes...


A new breed of Donkey has arrived at Hamerton Zoo Park. As part of our commitment to save rare and endangered animals, four Grand-Noir-du-Berry Donkeys arrived today from France. This large b...[more]

G'day Possums...

G'day Possums...


Just arrived at Hamerton Zoo Park from a Zoo in France, are a trio of Brush-tailed Possums. These cat sized Australian marsupials are not often seen in this country, and as they are completely...[more]

New Train Station...

New Train Station...


Our two Vlaamse Reus giant Belgian rabbits are back home after their short vacation this summer! The pair were the only animals which had to be moved during the fire which destroyed our old st...[more]

Calling all Bens...

Calling all Bens...


Lar Gibbons are an endangered species of ape from the rain forests of South-east Asia, where they are under severe threat from habitat loss due to the destruction of forests. These primates do...[more]

Cheetah Day - Primate Day - 2017

Cheetah Day - Primate Day - 2017


We have made some changes to the list of events days scheduled for this summer, so they wont follow the exact calendar of events used last year. This year, our main event will be 'Cheetah Day' becaus...[more]

Fundraising for Cheetahs...

Fundraising for Cheetahs...


Our team of 5 are all safely back on terra-firma following their Sky-Dive yesterday at Sibson Airfield near Peterborough. This sponsored fund-rasing jump was organised by Rosa earlier in the year wit...[more]

Photography Competetion 2017...

Photography Competetion 2017...


Our popular annual Photography Competition starts this summer, running 1st July until 31st August 2017. All are free to enter. The six categories are - 'Animals in Action' 'Meerkats' 'Birds' '...[more]

Skydive Appeal for Cheetah Conservation...

Skydive Appeal for Cheetah Conservation...


Rosa set up this fundraising appeal on Just-Giving to raise funds for the Cheetah Conservation Fund's work with Cheetahs in Namibia. Five members of Hamerton Zoo Park staff are making a sponsored Sky...[more]

Rosa King Memorial Fund...

Rosa King Memorial Fund...


We have been asked by several members of the public if they can contribute to a memorial for Rosa at the Zoo. This JustGiving page has been set up for just that. After much deliberation and discussi...[more]

Flamingos, Cassowary, Vultures and more...

Flamingos, Cassowary, Vultures and more...


Today sees the opening of our latest development here at Hamerton Zoo Park. The paths were finished yesterday allowing viewing of our Greater Flamingo flock, and one Cassowary enclosure...[more]

Javan Binturongs Arrive...

Javan Binturongs Arrive...


The Binturong is a fascinating native of Sourt-East Asia. It is a relative of Civets and Genets, in the family 'Viverridae', These unusual animals have been kept at Hamerton for many years, an...[more]

Cheetahs moving Fast...

Cheetahs moving Fast...


As part of international conservation efforts to raise numbers of this critically endangered cat, we have been involved in the movement of no less than nine Cheetahs in less than one week! Recent s...[more]

Meerkat Mountain Update..

Meerkat Mountain Update..


Enough rock-work has now been started to the back of our new Meerkat enclosure to give our first 3-D impression of the finished project. The enclosure is a long, elongated L-shape in a figure-of-8, a...[more]

Zebra Foal...

Zebra Foal...


Our latest baby Zebra is now just over a week old, and is enjoying the spring sunshine out in the paddock with her mother and the other females in our herd. This foal is a little female, and is a Gra...[more]

New Meerkat Mountain...

New Meerkat Mountain...


We are delighted to welcome back Jason and the guys from Koda Creative to start work on our new 'Meerkat Mountain' enclosure, which is planned to be open by the summer. Hundreds of baby Meerka...[more]

'Bush Budgies'

'Bush Budgies'


Following the arrival of our flock of Wild Australian Zebra Finches, last year; lots of babies have doubled its size. More birds have just arrived which will join the finches in a large walk-a-bout Au...[more]

British Summer-Time Starts..


From tomorrow (26th March), the Park is open summer hours - which are from 10am until 5.30pm, with last entries at 5pm[more]

International Relocations....

International Relocations....


We hope that the first half of 2017 will see a number of new and very special animal arrivals, expanding the Parks collection considerably. Huge amounts of planning, permits, quarantine, flights and ...[more]

Waste Trees

Waste Trees


Despite all the protracted preparations, Christmas is always over very quickly and normality soon returns. We are happy to take waste natural trees of any kind at any season, including Christmas Tree...[more]

Cheetah Extinction Forecast...

Cheetah Extinction Forecast...


A bumper year for the Park is ending with the recently reported sad news of a major decline in the wild population of one of our most important species; the Cheetah. It appears from the most recent s...[more]

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


2016 has been the busiest since the Park opened. Visitor numbers have risen steadily, doubling over the past few years and 16% up this year, on last. Over 100,000 visitors now come to the Park each ...[more]

Watch for the Diggers...

Watch for the Diggers...


We are delighted to welcome back North Eastern Plant to the Park this week, albeit for jobs rather less glamorous than the new Tiger enclosure they helped us with last year and earlier this. W...[more]

Halloween at the Zoo..

Halloween at the Zoo..


This October half-term, join us for some creepy crawly fun! Two mini-beasts workshops will be running each day in the Explorers Cabin - 12am and 3pm. This is a live animal encounter featuring some ...[more]

New Projects Starting Soon...

New Projects Starting Soon...


2016 has been the busiest year since the park opened, with several new enclosures completed and others due for completion over the coming winter. 2017 will see the arrival of some exciting new specie...[more]

'Donkey Day' 2016

'Donkey Day' 2016


Our first 'Donkey Day' was held yesterday - and proved very popular with our visitors, some coming from as far away as Norway to see the Park and our animals. Apart from the stud jacks all of the don...[more]

Tiger Matchmaking..

Tiger Matchmaking..


Our Malayan Tigers are being introduced to each other. This has been carefully planned now that both animals are completely settled into their new enclosure. Putting potential partners together is ...[more]

Arrivals from Down Under...

Arrivals from Down Under...


The collection of animals at Hamerton is very varied and represents the fauna of several continents. We have always had a number of species from Australia such as the Wallabies, Kookaburra and Cassow...[more]

Polite Notice

Polite Notice


Visitor numbers at the Park have risen significantly during the past couple of years - by around 15% in 2015, and by over 20% so far in 2016. We continue to make considerable investments in new and r...[more]

Otter enclosure finished..

Otter enclosure finished..


Our new enclosure for Asian Short-clawed Otters and Binturongs was finally completed last week. It features trees, shrubs and climbing frames for a pair of Binturongs who are slowly exp...[more]

New Tiger Enclosure Opens..

New Tiger Enclosure Opens..


After a final effort by Park staff and our contractors, our new Malaysian Tiger enclosure, 'Tiger Falls' has opened today 28th July 2016. 'Cicip', our male Malaysian Tiger is shown expl...[more]

'Global Tiger Day 2016'

'Global Tiger Day 2016'


29th July is 'Global Tiger Day'. We are raising funds for 21st Century Tiger's conservation projects with wild tigers. Throughout the day lots of events will be taking place; feeding se...[more]

New Arrivals..

New Arrivals..


We would like to thank the Australian Finch Society for their help in sourcing birds for one of the new aviaries constructed during 2016. A flock of wild Zebra Finches has arrive...[more]

The Large & the Small of it...

The Large & the Small of it...


The animal collection at Hamerton Zoo Park is very varied, and whilst completion of our new Malayan Tiger enclosure 'Tiger Falls' is only a couple of weeks away, housing some of o...[more]

Photography Competition 2016...

Photography Competition 2016...


Our annual photography competition is now running for 2016, and entries are starting to flood in. There is still plenty of time to enter as the closing date is not until 31st July. Full details can b...[more]

Visitor Numbers Increasing..

Visitor Numbers Increasing..


The first half of 2016 has seen a 20% rise in visitor numbers at the Park. We have made large investments in the past few years; extensions to our Play-Area; addition of a new bespoke Education Centr...[more]

Photography Competition 2016

Photography Competition 2016


We are running our Annual Photography Competition which starts on 1st June until 31st July. Anyone is free to enter. The six categories are - 'Animals in Action','Meerkats','Birds', 'Cute & Funny', 'U...[more]

New Otter Enclosure..

New Otter Enclosure..


Five major building projects are being worked on at the Park. Our largest project for many years, 'Tiger Falls' for the only pair of Malaysian Tigers in the UK - which we hope will be o...[more]




Work is now progressing well on our major new enclosure for the our pair of Malaysian Tigers, the only ones of their kind in the UK. Finishing touches are being done to the pool, waterfall and...[more]

Weekend Easter Egg Hunt

Weekend Easter Egg Hunt


Join us over the Easter Bank Holiday 25th - 28th March from 10am till 5.30pm. All children will be able to join in our Easter quiz for free! At the entrance, just ask for a a clue sheet - find th...[more]

Thousands of trees...

Thousands of trees...


The winter of 2015-16 has been very mild and quite wet at times. It is always a very busy time of year, with lots of site work going on. This year is no exception, as alongside our many other projec...[more]

Planning Inspector sides with liars & cheats

Planning Inspector sides with liars & cheats


The conservation work undertaken at the Park is currently wholly powered by our renewable energy installations, making us unique in the Zoo World, so far as we can tell. But as developments continue,...[more]



Half term is now here. We are delighted that our contractors, North Eastern Plant have been able to make such good progress on the new developments at the Park. Our thanks go to Charlie and J...[more]

Happy New Year


Seasons Greetings to everyone. A very busy Christmas holiday has degenerated into a wet and miserable start to the new year. Lets hope the rain gives us all a break very soon! - as we have many new ...[more]

Wind Turbine Milestone...

Wind Turbine Milestone...


Early December 2015 saw the third anniversary of the installation of our two Endurance Wind Turbines at Hamerton Zoo Park, and the hitting (and passing!) of a notable target. In these three years our...[more]

Seasons Greetings ...

Seasons Greetings ...


2015 has been the busiest year since the Park opened; and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors and friends for your continued support. We hope that 2016 proves even better...[more]

Changes, afoot..

Changes, afoot..


Work is now well underway on the enclosure for our recently arrived pair of Malaysian Tigers. Their outdoor landscaped paddock will cover 3000 square meters, and include a pool and rock-face with wat...[more]

Winter Opening Hours


Please note that as from Sunday 25th October the Park closes at 4pm, for the winter season. Third-party web-sites, including Google may have the wrong data - but we have no way of influencing this mi...[more]

Malaysian Tigers arrive

Malaysian Tigers arrive


Two years of planning with the help of colleagues in Germany, the Czech Republic and Malaysia has culminated today in the arrival of a pair of Malaysian Tigers at Hamerton Zoo Park. 'Cicip' the male ...[more]

Record Numbers...


Despite very mixed weather and lots of rain during the second half of August (and yet another totally wet bank-holiday Monday!), the month proved by far the busiest August since the Park opened in 199...[more]

Anglian Water


Anglian Water are installing a main sewer for Hamerton village, bringing it 5 miles across country from Alconbury/Upton to serve just a few private houses, at a cost of £1,500,000 of public money. ...[more]

Smoking Ban Extended


Hamerton Zoo Park has always been a No-Smoking site. For the safety and comfort of our visitors and our animals smoking has never been allowed on the Parks grounds. This condition of entry pre-dates t...[more]

Loutish, anti-social Behaviour..


Today for the first time in many years we had to eject visitors for bad behaviour. Two youths and two girls had been reported tormenting animals, climbing fences and generally upsetting other visitor...[more]

Endangered Species Week

Endangered Species Week


Endangered Species Week is being celebrated from 24th to 30th August. Events will include face-painting, raffles, children's quizzes, and daily keeper-talks. Details will be posted at the Park en...[more]

A Zoo, NOT A Circus..


A visitor has today asked that we confirm exactly what a modern Zoo is, here on the web-site. At Hamerton we present a wide variety of fantastic animals. They can be found on our 'Gallery' page, whe...[more]

Blackmail by TripAdvisor


Please be careful! Today our shop staff and volunteers had to endure a torrent of aggressive verbal abuse because they would not allow free entry to a man who demanded to be admitted free of char...[more]

Owl Awareness Day

Owl Awareness Day


Tuesday 4th August is 'International Owl Awareness Day'. Information boards will be up on site, and there will be the chance to meet Twizzle our tame White-faced Scops Owl at our keeper-talks at 2pm....[more]

Golbal Tiger Day

Golbal Tiger Day


Global Tiger Day was celebrated on 29th July, for the third year at Hamerton Zoo Park - despite ITV telling everyone on their morning programme that London Zoo was the only zoo celebrating it! - and a...[more]

Global Tiger Day

Global Tiger Day


Wednesday the 29th July is Global Tiger Day!!! Join us and help to raise funds for 21st Century Tiger, who help to protect our wild tiger populations. There will be a cake stall, keeper talks, a raf...[more]

Wildlife Galore

Wildlife Galore


The Park is a haven for not only the fantastic exotic animals to be found here, but for native wildlife too. The open rolling farmland in which the Park is situated, is given over to large open agric...[more]

Interested in working as a volunteer?


We are looking for individuals with outgoing personalities, who can engage with our visitors throughout the busy summer months,give talks to groups of visitors at the animal enclosures,answer question...[more]

World Binturong Day


Join us this Saturday 9th May for the very first World Binturong Day! There will be talks and information boards, and face painting if the weather is good! Hope you can join us!!![more]

Its Zoo Lovers Day!!


Happy National Zoo Lovers Day everyone! Join us today and leave your comments on our Zoo Love post-it note board situated in the tiger tunnel. Make sure you leave your name on the comments as we will...[more]

Easter 2015


Join us for our popular Easter Scavenger Hunt running from Friday 3rd April to Monday 6th April. Prizes are drawn each day, and include chocolate eggs, family passes and cuddly toys. All children rece...[more]

New Opening Times


IMPORTANT NOTICE Due to popular demand new opening times are being introduced from Good Friday, 3rd April 2015. The Park will now open at 10am and close at 5.30pm, with last entries at 5pm. Please ...[more]

Record Numbers


February half-term has been very busy, with daily visitor numbers higher than we would normally have during the summer holidays. Spring sunshine and drying winds, means that the wet winter is just a ...[more]

Half Term

Half Term


Stuck for something to do over the half term? why not have a day out at our Zoo. From our Tortoises to Tigers we have something here for everyone! and why not take advantage of the 10% off voucher (in...[more]

Temperamental Telephones


BT have checked and renewed part of our incoming phone lines, which has led to a big improvement in our broadband speed, but the telephone line is still rather hit-and-miss. At the moment e-mail is t...[more]

Opening Times over Christmas


The Zoo will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing day this year, and we are open our normal winter times 10.30am - 4.00pm (last entry at 3.00pm), on all the other days over the Christmas period. We wou...[more]

* Cheetah Contact Sessions, sold out! *

* Cheetah Contact Sessions, sold out! *


Our Cheetah Contact Sessions have sold out due to high demand! We currently have a waiting list for 2015 which is already looking very full. We still have availability for the 'Meet the Tigers' conta...[more]

Vulture Awareness Day Saturday 6th Sep!

Vulture Awareness Day Saturday 6th Sep!


Come and join us tomorrow for International Vulture Awareness Day. We have lots going on at the park including face painting, activity sheets, and Zoo Keeper talks throughout the day. Come and help us...[more]

**Baby Boom!**


We have had a baby boom here at the park! In the last month we have had Lemur twin babies, Serval cubs, Goeldi baby monkey, Raccoons, Meerkats and last but not at all least our first ever Zebra foal b...[more]

Road Works & Surface Dressing


'Cambridgeshire Highways' are surfacing dressing some of the roads near to the Park. We had no warning of this happening so could not comment in any way. So far the works have not caused any delays ...[more]

**Primate Week 18th - 24th August**


Join us 18th - 24th August for Primate Week!! There will be keeper talks, at 1pm - 1.45pm each day. A raffle with a top prize of a Lemur Contact, enrichment displays, scavenger hunt and face painting ...[more]

Raffle for an ACS with Lady & Blizzard!


A massive THANK YOU to everybody who came to our Tiger day! It was a brilliant day and we have raised £665 so far for 21st Century Tiger! The raffle is on going until Sunday 17th August, so if yo...[more]

New Children's Road Train

New Children's Road Train


Also new for summer 2014 is our 'Land-of-the-Tiger - Express Railroad' a children's train which will run from the donkey stables down to the new tiger enclosures. The train is the first Bella-Tori tr...[more]

Major Investment


In the last 12 months we have seen the new extension to the Park, the upgrading of our play areas, the addition of hundreds of meters of new tarmac paths and road-ways, new classroom (the 'Explorer's ...[more]

New Extension


The first phase of our new extension opened at the start of July. 'World-of-the-Tiger' sees our brand new tiger house open providing indoor viewing for the new pair of White Tigers 'Mohan' and 'Shiva...[more]

**Sir David Attenborough**


We hope you were one of our lucky visitors who saw Sir David Attenborough filming with our cheetah 'Ares' yesterday. He was filming a documentary which will be shown on Sky Eden or Watch in spring 201...[more]

***Global Tiger Day****


Our next event is Global Tiger Day on 29th July 2014! Join us for tiger talks, enrichment displays and 'meat the tiger'! More details to come throughout the month![more]

*Competition Time - Meet a Donkey!*


To celebrate our new arrival of a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey foal, we are holding a competition to meet one of our lovely donkeys. You will win a free day pass to our Zoo, and some time behind the...[more]

**Easter Scavenger Hunt**


Every day from Friday 18th April until Monday 21st April we will have a FREE Easter Scavenger hunt. Lots of prizes to be won including Chocolate Eggs and Family Passes. Come and join us for a fun fami...[more]

***Happy Birthday Blizzard***


A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Blizzard (our white tiger) who reaches the grand old age of 14 today!! Make sure to stop by his enclosure and wish him all the best![more]

Easter Holidays - Play Area Open!


What a beautiful start to the day! I'm pleased to say Mohan and Shiva are back out in their paddock this morning, and the Stroll a Safari is open again! The feed machines won't be available though unt...[more]

***Please Beware if you plan to visit***


There will be some disruption through the car park and at the tiger tunnel/stroll a safari for the next 3 days. Large lorries and machinery will be around to tarmac our new paths from the donkey stabl...[more]

Play Area Open Again


Good weather over the last couple of weeks has allowed us to get the play-area opened earlier than we expected. Instead of Easter as we hoped, it is now open again in time for the Easter holidays. N...[more]

Competition Time


Would you like to meet our new white tigers, Mohan & Shiva, feed them a piece of meat, and chat to our Zoo Keeper? well you and a guest could win this amazing prize just by simply entering our competi...[more]

Mothers Day


Just a reminder that you can download a voucher for Mums and Grandmothers for this Mothering Sunday, entitling them to get in for £6.50 (£3 off the usual price). Just go on our Twitter or Facebook s...[more]

Mothering Sunday


We have a new offer for Mothers and Grandmothers on Mothers Day 30th March 2014. If you go on our Facebook ( or Twitter ( you will be able ...[more]

Play Area Still Closed


It has been a very wet couple of months meaning unfortunately the Play Area is still closed. This is to our advantage so we can update it and extend it. We will do this by putting down a new Safety S...[more]

Wet, Wet, Wet


January is now officially the wettest in recorded memory in England. Our part of Cambridgeshire has not been as badly hit as many, but the rain has been relentless. We are lucky that most of the Par...[more]



Part of the new development includes a new education unit and new animal kitchens. Christine Bristow will be taking over as new our education officer and will liaise with schools and other groups, an...[more]

Play Area Closed Temporarily


Due to the very wet weather and development our Play Area is closed temporarily for the next few weeks until Easter 2014. Additional play equipment is being installed along with new safety surfacing.[more]

New arrivals, new plans


Winter 2013 to 14 has been, and continues to be very busy, despite the wet weather. A major new extension to the Park will open for the main 2014 season, with important new animals and other attracti...[more]

The Day After the Storm


The weather in England has been very much the main news in the last day or two. It is fortunate that our part of the country seems to be spared the worst excesses of the weather, and many times when ...[more]

Wind Turbine news


The new Endurance Wind Turbines have been installed now for almost a year. Despite an abnormally calm season, they are performing very well and have generated enough power for almost 100 average hous...[more]

'Global Tiger Day'


Celebrated on 29th July each year, 'Global Tiger Day' aims to raise awareness of the plight of the Tiger and the need for its conservation. Hamerton Zoo Park is taking part in the campaign for the fi...[more]

Wind Turbine Installation


Check on the 'Conservation' section for a series of photos showing the installation of our new Endurance Wind Turbines.[more]

Turbine Installation Finished


Hallmark Green Power have completed the installation of our 2 new Endurance Wind Turbines during the week of 19th to 23rd November. A little disruption inevitably with road works due to cable laying ...[more]

New Cheetah litter


Female Cheetah 'Talli' herself born at Hamerton Zoo Park, has a litter of six cubs. A short piece of video taken from her keepers mobile phone can be seen on 'Facebook' and is posted on 'YouTube'. T...[more]

Europe's Greenest Zoo?


Following the successful installation of our two Gaia Wind turbines early in 2011, these machines produced 65,000 kwa of electricity during their first year - considerably more than expected. They ge...[more]

Donkeys on the move


Our Poitou and American Mammoth jennies, along with two new foals born earlier in 2012, have been moved to grass fields we rent in Hamerton village, just half a mile south of the Park. This rotation ...[more]

Zebra Paddock Completed


The cold wet spring of 2012 has held up a lot of building work at the Park, but we are progressing now. A break in the weather has allowed the 2 acre Zebra paddock to be finished along with alteratio...[more]

Baby Tayra


A new development is underway for small carnivores, to include Oncilla and Rusty-spotted Cats, and a pair of Tayra. This was due to open during 2012, but work has been delayed due to the birth of a b...[more]

Zebras Arrive


Work has almost completed on the doubling of the stable block by the overflow car-parks, plus extra fencing to house our new herd of Zebras. The paddock will form part of a new extension which runs u...[more]

E News


Part of the re-vamp of our web-site last year allowed the on-going formation of a database with the intention of sending out regular new-letters by e-mail providing up-to-date information about develo...[more]

New Developments Get Started


Now we are into the New Year and the really cold temperatures of Christmas time have abated and it is now wet and mild. 14 degrees centigrade must be something of a record for January! Work is now u...[more]

Happy New Year


Wishing all our supporters and friends a Happy New Year for 2011. Lots of developments are planned along with a few changes to the web-site. A new promotional offer of 10% OFF your entry tickets is ...[more]

Merry Christmas to all


Winter is here, and there is lots of news about snow and frost; most seems to be 'spun' to make the stories more dramatic. Luckily this part of Cambridgeshire is pretty well placed and seems to avoid...[more]

New Bird Additions


Autumn is the time of year when young birds hatched during the summer move to new areas. Residents often disperse gradually, and migratory species perform spectacular migrations sometimes in huge flo...[more]

Not 'Coals to Newcastle', but 'BdP to France'


We are delighted that our young male Poitou Donkey, 'Vagabond d'Hamerton' is soon to head to France to join the consevation programme for this endangered animal. The French breed association, la SABA...[more]

Planning permission granted for Wind Turbines


We have just received news that our recent planning application to erect a pair of wind-turbines has been approved by Huntingdonshire District Council. These will be installed in the field to the nor...[more]




Get up-close and personal with one of our hundreds of animals. This new scheme helps fund some of our vital conservation work, and a link can be found on the main 'Home' page.[more]

Helping the Poitou Donkey.


Our Poitou Donkey project got of to a shaky start a few years ago, but a major milestone has just been reached with the import of a stallion (or 'Etalon' in French) from a leading breeder in France. ...[more]