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A Welcome New Joey..

A Welcome New Joey..


Since importing our group of Black Pademelons, or Southern Swamp Wallabies from Texas, several years ago, a number of babies have been born at the Park. Some of these are still in our 'mob' and some have gone to other Zoos, but to date all unfortunately have been males. This was the reason we brought in six new Swamp Wallabies direct from Queensland during 2018 as a new blood-line, but these animals subsequently proved to be a quite different Northern sub-species, which is much smaller and more brightly coloured. As a result Hamerton is probably the only zoo in the World to keep both these types.

But, good news for 2018, is that our latest baby Black Pademelon is out of its mothers pouch and bouncing around the paddock, and we are delighted that it is a female !!

- 17-11-2008
New joeys have also been seen in our recently imported groups of Long-nosed Potoroos and Rufous Bettongs.