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A Zoo, NOT A Circus..


A visitor has today asked that we confirm exactly what a modern Zoo is, here on the web-site.
At Hamerton we present a wide variety of fantastic animals. They can be found on our 'Gallery' page, where every single photo was taken here of our animals. All our animals live here year round in enclosures specially designed to provide for all their needs, and looked after by a team of experienced keepers providing the best possible standards of care. The result is an animal collection made up of many unique species, with a breeding reputation second to none.
NONE of our animals are bought in seasonally as exhibits, as is done by some Farm Parks.
NONE of our animals are shut in (or out) against their will, as was done in the 1960s and is still done by some Zoos today. This is illegal in the UK, and even if it were not we would not do it at Hamerton as we consider forcing animals to exhibit themselves is a major animal welfare issue. All our animals are free to seek seclusion if they wish.
NONE of our animals are forced to do Circus acts for the spectacle of the visitors, as is done by some Zoos, Falconry Centres and Aquariums.

Hamerton Zoo Park's mission statement encompasses all these standards and more, and can be found on the new 'History of the Park' page, which will be developed further when time permits. A time-line of development and achievements is already on show in the tiger-tunnel.