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Anglian Water


Anglian Water are installing a main sewer for Hamerton village, bringing it 5 miles across country from Alconbury/Upton to serve just a few private houses, at a cost of £1,500,000 of public money.

BUT - they refuse to bring it the last 100 metres to the Park, even though we have four residential dwellings, we are the counties largest tourist attraction, the largest local rate-payer, and the largest employer in the area.

We have submitted a formal complaint about this decision, but it has been dismissed because Anglia Water say that the Park is not causing any pollution.

This decision by Anglian Water means that our plans for two additional new toilet blocks to serve an ever increasing number of visitors, have had to be cancelled.

You may be surprised that the Park has to operate without mains drainage in a supposedly civilised country, and in the 21st Century - but that is the case.

Please support our campaign for this basic service, by writing to the Park, the local press, or to our local MP Shailesh Vara. He lives in Hamerton village, and his house is one of those causing the pollution which is costing 1.5 million pounds of public money to solve.

His house (of course!) IS being connected to the new sewer.


Anglia Water are responsible for the diversion road-signs, and if you experience any problems please telephone Claire Wootton on 01733 414286

Please come in via Sawtry. Our brown signs guide you to Hamerton and that road will not be affected.