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Animal Moves Update...

Animal Moves Update...


03/02/2020 UPDATE to the item below - At the end of January a number of these moves were done. The pair of Hamerton Tayra were moved to KrokodileZoo in Denmark, a female Greater Grison joined males sent earlier to Tiergarten Schonebeck, in Germany and Rufous Bettongs made the journey to the Eifel Zoo, also in Germany; and two young female Camels left the Park, but stayed in the UK.

Parma Wallabies are due to move to zoos in Japan and the UK soon, and another Possum and Bettong to the UK. A young male Caracal is arriving at the weekend from the Czech Republic, along with 2 female Sloths and a male Pudu which came from Germany at the end of January.

It is a very busy time of year for us!