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Animal Moves Update...

Animal Moves Update...


At Hamerton Zoo Park we are committed to the preservation of not just our wonderful wild animals; but also one of the most important studs of Giant Donkeys found anywhere. These animals were originally developed to produce the huge mules needed to develop the Americas and Europe. When these were replaced by mechanised agriculture and the railways, the Donkey breeds were almost lost.

The American Mammoth Donkey was bred in the US for crossing with native horses to produce mules for for the mule-trains of the pioneers. It is now severely endangered. The stud at Hamerton is the largest outside the US and descended from animals we imported from Texas.

Mammoth Jackstock donkeys born here have now been sent to several other breeders; the latest to leave just this morning was 'Hamerton Ayla' a young jenny, who has started the long journey to Finland, in the safe hands of horse transporters, 'John Parker International'.