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Babies Waiting to See You...

Babies Waiting to See You...



Whilst you have been away our staff have been very busy - and so have our animals..!

Their lives and requirements don't change just because humans have problems.

Our newest babies have been born at a quiet time, and are not used to seeing people - so you may have to be patient, and this is a new situation for all of us.

We hope you will be able to spot something very special!
Here are some of the babies born whilst we have been closed:

1 Mediterranean Miniature Donkey
1 Alpaca
7 Ushant Sheep
1 Grant's Zebra
1 Ring-tailed Lemur
2 Black + White Ruffed Lemurs
2 Collared Lemurs
3 Red-handed Tamarins
2 (albino) Bennett's Wallabies
1 Northern Swamp Wallaby
2 Parma Wallabies
1 Rufous Bettong
1 Long-nosed Potoroo
1 Mainland Wombat
2 Squirrel Gliders
4 Fat Sand Rats
14 Spinifex Hopping Mice
6 Dingoes
1 Javan Binturong
4 Corsac Foxes
27 Zebra Finches
5 Greater Flamingoes
2 Scarlet Ibis
5 European White Storks
1 Brown Wood Owl
2 Barking Owls
18 Wild Budgerigars
1 Galah

Update 28/08/2020

Since the Park re-opened on 15th June another Greater Flamingo has hatched, another Javan Binturong born (to our off-show pair), 4 baby Greater Grison, 1 Red-bellied Tamarin and yet more litters of Fat Sand Rats and Spinifex Hopping Mice; two American Mammoth Donkey foals, a baby Tayra, 2 Crested Seriema chicks, 1 Red-handed Tamarin, 1 Great Argus Pheasant...