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Bird Arrivals from 'Down-Under'...

Bird Arrivals from 'Down-Under'...


Along with the Tawny Frogmouths, two other interesting bird taxa have arrived at the Park, neither of which have been seen in the UK for many years.

The Barking Owl is a medium-sized Hawk-Owl known for its two very different calls - a double-tone 'bark' which is uncannily like the yapping of a small dog, and a wailing scream which is supposed to have been the origin of the mythological 'Bunyip', a monster which preyed on humans, specifically women.

Also newly arrived are a young pair of Australian or Johnson's Cassowaries, which at present are off-show in their brand new house. Once they are settled in, we will gradually allow them use of their outdoor enclosure which will eventually extend behind the Vulture aviaries and the front part of the Black Pademelon paddock. A covered viewing area will link both Cassowaries and Wallabies, and take in part of the new block of enclosures being built adjacent to the exit of our 'Outback Aviary'.

It's all go at Hamerton...!

With lots more happening too.