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Black-backed Jackals...

Black-backed Jackals...


Great news is the arrival of a new pair of Black-backed Jackals from South Africa. This young pair is unrelated and we hope will help establish a new population in Europe.

The Black-backed Jackal is a beautiful wild dog from southern and eastern Africa. As the only zoo in the UK to have them, we have kept this species at Hamerton for many years, and have had pups reared on several occasions.

Our original animals were born in a zoo in Germany, and were too nervous to allow close public access. The new ones are from the southern sub-species which is only kept in one other European zoo, in the Czech Republic.

The new male is especially bold and was seen yesterday busy exploring their new enclosure. From this coming weekend they should be settling in and for the first time we will be able to give good views of this unique little wild dog.