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Building for New Arrivals...

Building for New Arrivals...


2018 has seen some of the biggest changes in the Park since we opened, with a large number of new arrivals. This is the visible face of many years of planning, which of course all goes on 'behind the scenes'. Four building projects are underway, with the two major ones due for completion by next summer, 2019. Our keepers will be visiting other Zoos both in the UK and abroad during the autumn, to research management techniques and meet some of the animals which will be arriving next year.

In addition many areas are undergoing renovation and alteration, to cope with higher visitor numbers and changing expectations.

Following the arrival of some very special animals from 'down-under' including our Wombats and Tiger Quolls, earlier in the year; no fewer than ten new species are due to arrive into the collection by the end of October - some from much closer to home!

Soon to be completed - a new block of enclosures is being added next to the exit of the new 'Outback Aviary', and the adjacent paddocks altered. A lovely September has helped works progress quickly - only three days in, and the foundations were done! - see the picture above...

Just three weeks from marking out the site, the first two aviaries should be finished tomorrow.
Update - 19/09/2018 - they were!

We will post more details here and on Facebook and Instagram, as soon as we can!