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Coronavirus Rules Changes...


January 2022

From next week we all face a major relaxation of Coronavirus restrictions, in England.

This comes at a time when the country is experiencing 100,000 new cases every day - a figure which would panic many a Government... and one which is rising rapidly again in several of our catchment counties, as in the rest of England.

Nothing will change at the Park.

Our on-line booking system has been running for two years and has proved robust, enabling us to control visitor numbers and offer 2m social distancing opportunities un-changed from the start of all this. As now, we can continue to offer 'casual' entry, but are pleased that the greater majority of our visitors continue to pre-book, making entry simpler for themselves and our reception staff.

Hand sanitiser stations remain in place around the Park, along with screens in our shops; and our shop staff will continue to wear face-coverings.

We politely request that as an act of good manners and concern for other visitors, our staff and our animals, that all visitors continue to use face coverings in the shops - masks where possible and visors for those exempted from mask wearing guidelines.


Please note that because of Government changes from 27th January we are now unable to insist on face-coverings in our shops.
BUT - as UK supermarkets have just announced, we are also asking that all visitors continue to wear masks in our shops.
If you do not respect other visitors and our staff by wearing a face-covering, our shop staff will have the freedom to refuse to serve you.
At a time when local cases of Coronavirus are rising rapidly, we are not able to insist that our staff put themselves at risk.
So, they all have the individual right to refuse - if they do consider themselves at risk.
Please be aware of this, before you buy tickets or enter the Park.

In this way we hope that our facilities and level of service will continue to remain as high, through the coming expected surge in the disease.

Zoos remain as ever the safest possible destinations to visit, arriving in your own car, controlling your own social distancing, and taking advantage of spacious open out-door venues with hundreds of wonderful animals to meet.

Thank you.