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Fundraising Success...

Fundraising Success...


Here at Hamerton Zoo Park each year, we hold a limited series of events days organised by our keepers in their spare time.

These often coincide with widely held events such as 'World Tiger Day' and always have a direct link to the animals found at our Park.

The most recent was held on Saturday last, 27th May. Our 'Australia Day' was a great success and hugely enjoyed by everyone who took part. For the first time we were able to offer 'Meet the Dingo' experiences. The number of tickets for the two sessions was strictly limited and sold out on-line within a few moments of going live. 'Bernie' our young male Dingo who was born here during the first Covid lock-down, loved meeting people and would have carried on all day, if he had been given the choice!

The day allowed our keepers to highlight the work of 'Aussie Ark' formerly 'Devil Ark'; a conservation organisation dedicated to preserving the highly endangered Tasmanian Devil and a number of other native Australian species, from its base in the Barrington Mountains of New South Wales.

'Australia Day' is the second such event of our 2023 calendar here at Hamerton, and over £5000 has been raised for the charities so far this year. Every penny goes directly to the conservation causes we raise funds for and we are very grateful to Lloyds Bank who have waived their fees for the transfer of all funds into foreign currencies.

Some comments from the days participants include:
..shows how important it is to breeding captivity to help future generations lean about animals'
'..brilliant experience, thank you so much for a dream come true'
''s good to hear directly which conservation projects are being supported rather than vague statements. It makes it feel more concrete that a difference is being made'
'..days like today highlight the importance of conservation'