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Happy Easter from our new Baby 'Monkeys'...

Happy Easter from our new Baby 'Monkeys'...


Spring-time is always a great time of year at the Zoo, and the weather in 2020 (our 30th birthday year) has been the best we've ever had, since we opened in 1990. It is such a great pity that we are not able to share it with you.

Our Flamingos have just started to nest, and this week we have some new baby primates.

Twin Collared Lemur babies have been born to the family received back last year from their loan to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Hamerton remains one of the few places in the World where this lemur is bred, and after missing in 2019, we are delighted to have babies again this year.

We also have a baby Red-handed Tamarin, the first born to animals imported from the Czech Republic last year. This species was last bred at Hamerton 22 years ago from animals brought in from Guyana, and housed in our off-show breeding area. Tamarins are tiny monkeys from the rain-forests of South America, related to the better known Marmosets.