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Happy New Year..!

Happy New Year..!


We would send everyone our very best wishes for the New Year holiday and for 2022.

The coming season will see a number of exciting up-coming developments at the Park, the result of the largest capital investment we have made since we opened in 1990. Regular visitors will have seen a number of building projects in-hand; a new cheetah house, new paddocks between the bears and tigers, enclosures for skunks and ringtails, and a new tortoise house just started. All of these should be nearing completion by Easter.

Autumn and winter work has been helped by the new drains, road-ways and power supplies installed last year. It is always a little frustrating that so much expenditure has to be made in areas which are invisible to our visitors, but crucial to the running of the park. We have turned the corner on this and most of the completion works now to be done will result in some very obvious changes and additions!

Spring will see some major new arrivals which have been in the planning for some time, and delayed by Covid and international freight issues. Summer will see the opening of our new meerkat enclosure, and autumn the completion of our major new exhibit which has been progressing 'off-show' for a while now.

All of these projects and new animal arrivals will be announced here and on social media as and when they are completed.

In the meantime - a Happy New Year..!