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Loutish, anti-social Behaviour..


Today for the first time in many years we had to eject visitors for bad behaviour. Two youths and two girls had been reported tormenting animals, climbing fences and generally upsetting other visitors and their children. All of our volunteers and staff are instructed under such circumstance to remove from the site anyone involved in anti-social behaviour or breaking any of our rules of entry.

All volunteers and staff carry mobile phones and photographic evidence was taken of the behaviour today. The four people concerned waited off-site for collection by taxi. Visitors are politely reminded that our site is privately owned and entry is subject to our conditions of entry which are sign-posted before arriving at the entrance, and given in writing to every group. Further, we expect that behaviour is respectable at all times and other visitors enjoyment is not compromised.

Bad behaviour and bad language will not be tolerated. Visitors are also reminded that entry into the Park allows photography by visitors, and that whilst on our property you give us at the Park the right to photograph any individual, group or situation and use the resulting images for publicity, security or any other purpose.