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Lynx Kittens...

Lynx Kittens...


Often we post news of exciting new arrivals at the Park, here on the web-site. Most of these are additions as our animal collection grows, and as they are carefully planned, very few species are moved on to make space.

As a result many of our favourite residents continue to do well. Since receiving our pair of Canada Lynx from America a few years ago, several litters have been born and Hamerton Lynx can now be seen at a number of other zoos in Europe.

Our pair have a new litter of four kittens. Over a month old now they are super-cute and are just beginning to venture outside. If you are lucky you may be able to spot them in the holding area behind their house. Once they have had their vaccinations, we will know the sexes, and they will be allowed out into the large enclosure.