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More Moves A-Foot...

More Moves A-Foot...


We have been having a bit of a move around this week as work is completed to welcome the arrival of three more new species to Hamerton in the next couple of weeks. A brand new house and enclosure are just finished, and a number of other animals have moved homes. A second pair of Javan Binturongs has been formed from an imported male and a young female born here. These are now living next to the Grison near the 'Outback Aviary'.

This move has allowed the Hyrax to be relocated into the house nearest the entrance where they have an outdoor enclosure. Our Yellow-spotted Hyrax are a sensitive species and the only ones in the UK, and following expert advice were settled in to our routine indoors in a small room. Now we are happy they are doing well, they have been moved and allowed outside for the first time.

A minor re-fit in the reptile section will see the Savannah Monitor move too, and the Bearded Dragons move off-show into our education centre; leaving space for the new species.

Work is progressing nicely on the re-vamp of our Coffee-Shop, in between other jobs; and we expect it to be in use before the summer holidays. This work has been planned to have minimal inconvenience, and fit around the availability of skilled labour, but as a result has taken a little longer than we hoped.

Please keep an eye on our web-site here, and our social media pages - we will post more information as soon as we can.