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New Babies Glide In..

New Babies Glide In..


Two exciting and super-cute new arrivals can now be seen at the Park. The first joeys were born to our new group of Squirrel Gilders a few weeks ago. The adult colony was imported direct from the Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland, and is made up of a number of unrelated animals.

They are the only Squirrel Gliders in Europe.

The new babies are now well grown and can be seen out and about with their parents.

Gliders are closely related to Possums, and get their name from an extensive membrane of skin stretching between their front and back legs, and in the case of the Squirrel Glider down to the base of the tail too. This allows them to glide between the treetops and lower tree trunks in a similar way to the Flying Squirrels.

Gliders are totally unrelated of course as they are Marsupials just like Wallabies, Koalas and Wombats.