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Our Train is Back..!

Our Train is Back..!


For the first time in 15 months our express road-train ran is now running.

It has had a new set of batteries ready for the season and is fully prepped to operate the same schedule as before - every day during during school holidays and term-time weekends - weather permitting, as it does not run in the rain.

Tickets must now be purchased from the near-by Kiosk or from the Gift-Shop (both accepting cards and cash) - but not now from the train-driver, who no longer carries cash.

* Please Note * Train tickets are open ended and can be used anytime the train is running, so for this reason cannot be refunded once purchased.

The train is now operating on a brand new and extended track, separate from the public footpaths - which has been a major investment for us.

The new route is the first phase of another expansion which will open for 2022, along with the arrival next spring of a second larger train from the same manufacturer in the USA. Our new one will be able to run in bad weather if there is demand, and its route will eventually take in not only our Cheetahs and Maned Wolves; but also the Jackals (in a new enclosure), Tigers and Bears - plus some new arrivals expected next year too.