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Planning permission granted for Wind Turbines


We have just received news that our recent planning application to erect a pair of wind-turbines has been approved by Huntingdonshire District Council. These will be installed in the field to the north of our car-parks where they will take advantage of the open south-westerly aspect of this site, and are expected to generate most of the electricity needed by the the Park. At times we expect there will be an excess of capacity and this will be fed back into the national grid.

The 'Hamerton Turbines' are manufactured in Denmark by Gaia Wind (details at About a fifth of the size of those used on commercial wind-farms and measuring just over 18 metres tall, they are comparatively small. However, large diameter twin blades turning at a fixed speed, and the use of technology developed for the larger machines, means that they are the most efficient small turbine currently available. The installation is planned for the autumn and winter of 2010-11, so look out for them when you visit next year.

New boilers are also being installed to convert some of our waste into hot water to supply toilets, kitchens and heat animal houses; and next year we hope to follow these two projects with a system of photo-voltaic panels on the roofs of some of our buildings to convert sunlight into electricity.

The Park has an on-going commitment to reduce our use of electricity generated by burning fossil fuels, and consequently our carbon footprint. Our 'small steps towards a greener future', demonstrate that conservation takes in more than just our work with unusual and endangered animals.

We are very fortunate to have had so much support for our turbine project, both locally and at district level; and would like to offer our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped us.