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Plans Rejected..


Our long-term plans for new facilities at the Park have been rejected by Huntingdonshire District Councils planning officer. This is because she is of the opinion that because our entrance and shops have been good enough for the last 25 years, they are still good enough now. We think she is wrong, and know that you do too! The planning system in the UK appears to put such power in the hands of one individual. Power to affect lives, families and businesses, and our wider important conservation work, due to little more than a personal whim. We think this is unjust and discriminatory. However, as the Park has continually evolved over the past 25 years into what you see today, we will continue to change, expand and develop in the same established way, into the future. During this time our support and visitor numbers have increased ten-fold and we have developed into the largest such Park, conservation organisation and leisure facility in the County of Cambridgeshire. Millions of people have visited Hamerton, and we hope we have influenced the lives and opinions of many. We would hope that local politicians would support such an important provision, under the local structure plans - especially given the major expansion of housing happening within our immediate area. But, apparently not... We are very disappointed not to receive the same level of support and encouragement given to similar organisations in other Counties and other Countries. Being penalised in this way will inevitably limit the speed of our growth and progress, and the amount of conservation and education work we can do - but please be assured that we are undaunted and our commitment remains un-dented!