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Pretty in Pink...

Pretty in Pink...


[updated 23/05/2018]

..and Black, and Green and (eventually) in Red!
The first of two additional aviaries has just been completed and eight Cockatoos moved into their new home. Three pairs of Roseate Cockatoos (also known as Galahs) and a pair of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos arrived at Hamerton Zoo Park earlier in the year. They came in along with our two pairs of Australian Scrub Turkeys. Both pairs of Turkeys are now out in the main aviaries, and the first male has already started to construct an incubator mound. Because it was so cold in the early spring, we waited until now before moving the Cockatoos into their new aviary.

Work is now also progressing well on our Australian themed 'Outback Aviary' which we hope will be open in late July. A raised board-walk will take you through our first walk-through aviary housing our flock of wild 'Bush' Budgerigars which now numbers almost 100 birds, along with our wild Zebra Finches. Other species will be introduced to this new exhibit as the season progresses, including Australian King Parrots later in the summer.

UPDATE - 23/05/2018

There will be a number of interesting and important new arrivals coming to the Zoo over the the next few months. We are no longer allowed to keep you informed of news from the Park by sending our e-mailed 'Newsletter' as we have done for many years. So, we will attempt to update this 'News' section of the web-site frequently - and also post details on 'FACEBOOK'.

Our regular 'Newsletter' will still go out by email, but only to people who have directly asked us for it,
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