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Spring Update...


As we enter March, the first spring month, we really do hope that the weather will soon improve. Although our Park is out-doors with plenty of fresh air in the country-side, hard tarmac paths take visitors around the whole site, and it is only where people chose to walk on the lawns do muddy areas form, and these can easily be avoided Many of these paths are also covered for protection from the worst of the rain.

Winter 2019-20 started at the end of September last year and has been challenging for many industries and many people. We are fortunate that the worst of the relentless winter storms have not caused disruption or closures at the Park, as they have done (and are still doing!) in many other parts of the Country. We have had no snow, and practically no frosts - and the rain, despite being continuous here, has at no point been life-threatening.

Because it is outdoors our play-area remains closed as it is every winter, and will do so until at least the Easter holidays. During this time our child entry fee is reduced to reflect the lack of the facility, and the general annual entrance price rise is put off until after Easter too.

Following the major revisions to our coffee-shop completed over the winter, several other projects are in-hand - the biggest being the opening of our new Syrian Bear enclosures, due at our 30th birthday in June.

Full details will as always, be posted on social media.