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Storm Ciara...


By way of an update on storm 'Ciara' which has been very much in the news this weekend.

At Hamerton, we monitor windy conditions especially closely, because we generate all of our electricity from our own Wind Turbines.

Live data is collected form both machines, and during the course of the storm on Sunday 9th February we recorded a maximum gust of 72 mph. This compares to the highest recorded from the same turbine, last winter of 87 mph.

Since yesterday, our turbines have been switched off as a precaution to prevent any possibility of damage. This is done routinely (and automatically) at wind speeds over 25 m/s, which is roughly 56 mile per hour.

The Park remains open as usual.

( Please do note that for just today Sunday 9th, none of our big cats are allowed out into the large paddocks, and will only be visible either indoors or in their closed interconnecting enclosures ).

Update - 10/02/2020 - both turbines came back on-line during the day today as the wind had dropped significantly, and are currently generating around 70 kilowatts each,