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Three New Species...,

Three New Species...,


2022 is a year of major expansion at Hamerton Zoo Park.
A special new exhibition is due to open to celebrate an international film release in June, and our largest animal exhibit to date in the autumn.

But in the meantime, a series of new animal species will arrive at the Park, many having been in the planning stage pre and during Covid.

We are pleased to be able to expand the animal collection, especially at a time when many larger zoos are drastically reducing the number and variety of animals they show to their visitors. The exhibition of unique animals of species unknown or ignored by the general media, is an important component of our educational programme; and the establishment of captive populations an important part of our conservation work. Some of these animals are officially classed as endangered or threatened today, and many others are the endangered species of tomorrow. Building up captive populations whilst the opportunity exists is of critical conservation importance.

In addition to the new Cheetahs which arrived recently, three new mammal species went on exhibit today. All three come from the dry deserts of the southern USA. The Striped Skunk is a familiar relative of weasels and ferrets, but the other two are much less well known. The North American Cacomistle is known by a number of other names such as Ringtail or Miners 'Cat'. It is not a cat, but a slender relative of the common Raccoon. Another member of this family of mammals, the Procyonids, is the northern or White-nosed Coati. These animals are active by day, and ours came from a zoo in Holland, They are the only individuals of their species in the UK.

Another new arrival is due next week, and eight more after Easter. We will post more when further details come together.