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Up-coming Exhibitions...

Up-coming Exhibitions...



A small exhibition of zoo models is planned for this autumn and winter 2021-22, and should be ready by October. It will be housed in part of our coffee-shop and will feature some of our collection of model zoo enclosures and toy animals from various countries. The first display will be from New Zealand, featuring some 20 charming 'scratch-built' models based on Auckland Zoo's old exhibits, made many years ago by a former zoo employee. This is planned to be temporary and will be replaced in rotation by others from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Austria, France and the former Czechoslovakia and DDR. Full details will be posted on social media as the exhibitions evolve. This will form a very modest 'taster' for the full museum we have planned, which is a much larger project and will feature all of the collections of toys and models, and more. Some pictures and a little more detail can be found here on our web-site, by clicking on the Animals-Gallery and then on the planned Zoo Museum page.

Update - 23/10/2021

Our first exhibition is now in place and open in time for the Bartlett Society meeting today.
It features some of the history of Auckland Zoo in New Zealand, linking to a collection of scratch-built model zoo enclosures based on the Auckland animal collection, and made by the father of a former employee. Featured enclosures are the famous Elephant and Giraffe houses, Chimps from the tea-party era, and specialities like the Kiwi and Tuatara houses. Pictures will be posted on social media and on the 'Gallery' page here, this week.