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Watch for the Diggers...

Watch for the Diggers...


We are delighted to welcome back North Eastern Plant to the Park this week, albeit for jobs rather less glamorous than the new Tiger enclosure they helped us with last year and earlier this. Work started yesterday on replacing some of the Zebra, Donkey and Reindeer fencing which was erected ten years ago. Whilst still looking pretty tidy, many of the poor quality timber posts we had to use originally have rotted away, and it is time to replace the fences before they give us problems. Again it has proved impossible to find good enough treated timber, so we are using the same type of round galvanised steel posts which have proved very durable and successful for the Cheetahs, Tigers, Maned Wolves, Foxes and many other animals; and also for new stand-off barriers and paddock fences - and indeed the swings, climbing frames and other equipment in the Play-Area.

Several paddock fences need to be replaced, so some animals will be moved around into different areas as the process continues.

The works just started will also include completion and landscaping of the area to the north of the new Tiger enclosures, and some surface drainage in the same area.

None of this work will have any impact on public areas, as access to it for the equipment is via our service area and car-park.

As is often the case much of the necessary investment in infrastructure is invisible to most visitors; and the only signs you might see of what is going on are some replacement posts going in - or a big digger in the car-park! Most machinery moves will be done before the Park opens to visitors at 10am, and weekends will be completely unaffected.