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Wonderful Wallabies...

Wonderful Wallabies...


As 2018 is nearing its end we are celebrating a 'full set' with the wallabies and 'kangaroos' at Hamerton Zoo Park.

Our Northern Swamp Wallabies arrived earlier in the year from Queensland, Australia. Nervous at first, they are now settling down well and the first joey is out of the pouch and racing around. This could be the first one of its kind born in the UK. A second baby Southern Swamp Wallaby or Black Pademelon is in the pouch; and our established groups of Parma Wallabies, and Bennett's Wallabies, (both normally coloured and our ever-popular albinos) have produced lots of joeys too. A mob of fourteen Parmas will be moving to Belgium early in the New Year, when we will receive groups of Red-breasted and Magpie Geese in return. The Red-breasted will be a welcome return to the Park. The Magpie Geese which are a new species for us, are native to northern Australia, and are part of our ever-expanding collection of animals from 'Down-Under'.

Our mini 'kangaroos' have their own babies. Both our original stock of Long-nosed Potoroos and the new animals imported from Australia have youngsters, and our new Rufous Bettongs (currently off-show, but the only ones of their kind in Europe) have a joey too.

It has been a busy year!