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Yet Another 'First' for Hamerton Zoo Park...

Yet Another 'First' for Hamerton Zoo Park...


The only Barking Owls outside Australia have their first chick!

The parents are very aggressive, so rather than disturb them we are leaving them well alone!

One of two eggs has produced the first baby Barking Owl ever born in the UK.

This owl is found across Australia and gets its name from its distinctive call which sounds like a small dog yapping.

Our adult birds were received from the Darling Downs Zoo in Queensland.

Above dated 03/05/2010

Update on 17/05/2020

Our Barking Owls have 2 chicks - both eggs hatched a few days apart. Christopher managed to get some video from the nest today. Both are growing well and have most of their feathers.

Also news is the hatching of the first 3 Greater Flamingo chicks of the season.