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Zebras Arrive


Work has almost completed on the doubling of the stable block by the overflow car-parks, plus extra fencing to house our new herd of Zebras. The paddock will form part of a new extension which runs up towards the wind-turbines, and will initially be visible from the car park before actually entering the Zoo. The stables now consist of 5 individual units supplied by 'Browns-of-Wem', allowing each animal to have its own unit. These open onto a 'Knights' Round-Pen which forms the barrier to their sand yard, and doubles up as a schooling ring for the donkeys. Five Plains Zebra have arrived from Zoos in Holland and Denmark. Three of these are Grant's Zebra (Equus birchellii boehmi) and two are Damara Zebra (Equus birchellii antiquorum), with the two sub-species making an interesting comparison. They are all young animals, and over the next couple of years as we work with them, we may make a decision to keep just one race, or retain both.