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It has come to our attention that supposed 'planned additions' to our animal collection have been published by a web-site called ZooChat.

We would like to point out that the Park has no connection in any way with any such sites, and we advise anyone reading such, to treat the anonymous, speculative and often ignorant opinion they publish with skepticism, and ignore it.

Simply - the continuing chaos caused by Brexit and Covid, means that we simply do not know exactly what plans will happen, and when or even 'if' they will happen!

As our staff and volunteers can never give any detail about future plans, we always make every attempt to ensure that this news section on our web-site, and our social media pages, are updated regularly with accurate news about the Park's continued progress and development.

edit (18 August)

An illustration of the contempt shown by some posters on ZooChat for the zoos they are supposed to support, has been brought to our attention today.
A post made under the 'Chester Zoo' section on the very day of the posters visit (today) reads "One of the keepers in Madagascar told me that the Gentle Lemurs had bred recently but to keep things quiet" - a kind request, but one immediately snubbed.
We managed to save a screen shot.
This post was taken down by the moderators within a couple of hours, but the lies published about Hamerton were not removed, and the moderators have even joined in and added lies of their own.

Sadly, this neatly illustrates precisely why we are unable to divulge any information about our plans.