History of the Park

'Mission Statement'

Date: 01/01/2000

'For the New Millennium'

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for rare and unusual animals, where people can gain an insight into the conservation of the World's resources by:

- Giving our visitors an interesting and unique experience, at the best possible value

- Providing the best possible standards of animal management, using enclosures specifically designed around the needs of our animals

- Breeding rare and unusual animals in co-operation with other collections, individuals and organisations, both within the UK and abroad

- Educating all visitors, both in our work, and in the wider conservation of animals and the planets resources

- Using funds collected from our visitors and supporters to contribute, where possible, to field research and in-situ conservation projects

- Encouraging the use of the Parks animal collection as a research resource, on a case by case basis

- Promoting care for the wider environment, and where possible leading by example

- Achieving carbon-neutral status (or better) by the provision of renewable energy resources, to under-pin the parks commercial and species conservation work, educating and informing our visitors and the public about this in the process.

  • Tanzanian Aardwolves