Renewable Energy Generation

Over the past decade Hamerton Zoo Park has been on a long journey to become probably the most environmentally responsible Zoo in Europe.

The ever rising costs of hosting increasing numbers of visitors, and the continuous expansion of our animal collection, mean an ever escalating demand for power, and it became obvious after huge increases in costs that something had to be done.

Several years of research resulted in the erection of two wind turbines in the fields to the north of the main zoo site. Since then the Parks renewable energy generation project has added three arrays of solar photo-voltaic panels and two bio-mass boilers to compliment the generation provided by the turbines.

Renewable Energy

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  • Wind

    Windmills in the Wolds The open rolling landscape of our part of Huntingdonshire has always harnessed the power of the wind. Six villages within just a few miles of the Park had windmills to mill corn to provide the local population with flou... [more]

  • Solar Photo-Voltaic

    Usually abbreviated to ‘solar p-v’ this system collects energy from sunlight and converts it into electricity via an inverter. A series of panels made from aluminium and plastic are linked together and positioned to make best use of the availabl... [more]

  • Biomass

    The Park has been using a Dragon Biomass boiler for some years to convert some of the daily waste into hot water, and a larger system is being installed. This new unit is based around a Froling 80 Kw boiler made in Austria, and fitted into a bespoke... [more]

  • Some Facts & Figures

    At the start of our journey into renewable energy generation we were warned to be ready for an aggressive negative reaction from a tiny minority. It appears that some people in 'middle-England' will stop at little to discredit efforts to install bot... [more]